Our Writing Experts

John Wilmshurst

John Wilmshurst is an academic writer with more than 20 years of experience. He has started his career at the University of British Columbia and since then has been working as a freelance tutor and educator. John’s hobbies are cycling and Asian history.

Ann Robins

Ann Robins is a young and prominent writer with a big passion towards arts and literature. She holds a degree in English literature and can tell almost every Shakespeare’s sonnet by heart. Ann joined our company two years ago and already gained regular customers.

Emir Randon

Emir Randon has graduated University of Reading two years ago and immediately joined our writing service. His outstanding writing skills and love to science made him one of the best academic writers in the field. Emir loves nature and wants to promote science around the world.

Madeline Spielberg

Madeline Spielberg is well known in the world of academic writers, as a person, who knows everything about European history since ancient times. Any time a student needs a first-class paper on history, Madeline is there to help.

Marilyn Pratt

Marilyn Pratt is a former journalist, who found herself in helping students with their academic performance. She is a big fan of music and literature, so you can reach her if you need an outstanding essay on arts. Marilyn loves dogs and dreams of starting her own library.

Michael Daniels – physics, math and IT specialist

Michael Daniels is quite a new member of the team, although he has almost ten years of experience as a technical consultant and math teacher. Now he is helping with assignments in IT, math and physics, so your homework is surely under right protection! Michael is also a great editor and an experienced proofreader.

Angela Ruben – an outstanding linguist

Angela Ruben has become a part of our community almost a year ago, as a specialist in Latin and Greek languages. She is an outstanding linguist and can complete a research of any complexity. Angela loves reading and is a mother of three, combining family and professional life.